The heinious murder of an innocent child

It comes as a shame that in todays modern world, we still have supertitions that surpass all humane traits. In Muzzafarnagar the neighbourhood of the holy yamuna & ganges, an innocent child was brutally mutilated,dismembered, half burnt and even nailed at the forehead. The body of this innocent and unfortunate child was found on 22nd APril, 2008 in the sugarcane fields. Media coverage has been lukewarm, busy with the IPCL schedules.

Going by the first reports of the body, there is no doubt that this is an act of Tantric Extremism.  The six year old boy was last spotted by his mother playing in the fields while she was doing her chores for livelihood- working in the fields. A week later , the body was found, mutilated, dismembered and all those things done that only a beast, possessed with greed for worldly ills, would do to an innocent child. Who could ever think of such extreme acts of Barbarism but cowardly beasts in human skin, mad with greed.

Human Sacrifice had long been discarded by soceity but there have been instances now and then of such extreme acts especially in Rural North India. Poverty & illiteracy being the breeding grounds for superstitions and  barbaric rituals, tantric sacrifices were reported during the years 2002 & 2003. In 2005, three people including the tantric was arrested for beheading a 5 year old child in sacrifice. Muzaffarnagar again is in the news for the same reason. What are the people’s representatives doing over such acts of barbarism.

Tantrics usually lure people suffering in life with natural problems like uncurable diseases, infertility, losses in business or even want of male child.  While animal sacrifice is very common, human sacrifice is extremely rare and could involve a lot of money. It goes without saying that it is those people who encourage who are able to afford large sums of money that the tantrics ask for.  Also some tantrics beleive that with human sacrifice, they are bestowed with supernatural powers. The first male child is always preferred for sacrifice.

How can this evil be uprooted ?  As hindus , we must deplore all such attempts to desanctify humanity and religion. Organisations like the VHP and RSS must not only condemn but campaign aginst such barbarism.

Such sacrifices are not only restricted to our Hinduism but other religions and regions of the world. For instance, there are references of human sacrifice in the Bible- The Old Testament.

(Genesis 22:1-18) “Take your son, your only son – yes, Isaac, whom you love so much – and go to the land of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will point out to you.”


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  1. There is no doubt that such incidents must be condemned and the criminals must be hanged to death.

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